Having a chat with….Heidi Hetzer

“To take a trip around the world, you either have to be really young or really old. In between there’s no time – its all about family and career!” I’m talking to Heidi Hetzer at Hotel Moa in Berlin where she is planning her 80th birthday. The rally car driver and businesswoman has been back in Germany for 2 months. While she is back in the familiar surroundings of her home country, Heidi Hetzer doesn’t feel so comfortable. A moving video-interview with Sibylle Trost, Berlin, May 2017.

In the last 2 years and 7 months, Europe has changed in many different ways. She finds the Germans nitpicky and petty, cold and grouchy. Hardly anyone smiles at her on the street, unlike all the people she has met in all the continents she has visited: Oceania and Africa, Asia, North and South America. Heidi Hetzer is already planning her next trip. Why? She’s homesick for Africa.

Video-interview, report, photos: all rights reserved by Sibylle Trost, Berlin, 2017