They’re damn serious. Fridays for Future in Berlin

Where, I ask myself, has the sentence actually gone: "Our children are our future"? Just an advertising slogan of the German solidarity principle? As we continue to talk instead of acting, I hardly believe that our children without a future will fill the pension coffers for us so that we can make ourselves really comfortable after all the exhausting consumption. Report by Sibylle Trost, Berlin. #smartphonevideoberlin #sibylletrostmedia

Praxistraining im Smartphone Workshop

3 tricks to increase the sound quality on your smartphone

Any smartphone video needs good sound quality. But how does that work? Is the internal microphone sufficient? Which sources of error can be avoided? What is important? Before shooting a professional social media video with the Android smartphone or iPhone, there is a check-up: How noisy is the environment?

Having a chat with….Heidi Hetzer

"To take a trip around the world, you either have to be really young or really old. In between there's no time - its all about family and career!" I'm talking to Heidi Hetzer at Hotel Moa in Berlin where she is planning her 80th birthday. The rally car driver and businesswoman has been back in Germany for 2 months. While she is back in the familiar surroundings of her home country, Heidi Hetzer doesn't feel so comfortable. A moving video-interview with Sibylle Trost, Berlin, May 2017.

Ende der Tour in der

Media + DDR Tour: Berlin´s media history tour

Discover Berlin’s media history. Our Media+DDR tour takes you to the most important locations in East and West German media history, from dictatorship to democracy. We explore how independent the media is today. So great to see the group as motivated as the students from EF study tours with the study abroad program at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication in Houston, Texas. 
Thank you, Suzanne Buck, Deborah Bridges and all your students for sharing the pictures!

Tour Video: Behind the Scenes at Joiz

How does a Social TV Channel work? That is what we experienced on our Media Tour behind the scenes of JOIZ. Take a look at this great video of Jochen. He shot it on our media tour just like that by smartphone.

Kaffeetafel ist ein Wandbild bei YouTube Space Berlin

Media Tour at YouTube Space Berlin

With Cimdatas picture and sound trainees, Sibylle Trost took a look behind the scenes of YouTube Space Berlin. There you can produce with 360° Go Pros in one of the oldest German TV studios. The tour started right after a YouTube media quiz of lecturer Sibylle Trost.

Moderatoren Team des Joiz Kanals

New Tour: JOIZ-dein Social TV

Ein Loft in Berlin-Friedrichshain mit drei TV-Studio-Settings, Moderatoren- und Recherche-Desks. Auf dieser Etage produziert und sendet der Social-TV-Sender JOIZ bundesweit 24 Stunden Programm im Free-TV, via Livestream auf der eigenen Website, über die joiz-App und verschiedene Web-TV-Plattformen.