21.02.2020 Tour + Reading: Robert Pimm in Berlin

British thriller about a terrorist attack on the Reichstag. Cult reading on the 8th floor with a view of the Reichstag illuminated at night. Robert Pimm asks the question: What if....... terrorists would attack the most important building in Germany? Hot stuff. Registration for reading and tour required.

How much digitization can medicine tolerate?

Big data, mobile health, artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the medicine of the future ever faster. Will people set limits to digitalization? "The enormous digitization in medicine must not become an end in itself," warns Professor Guido Gerken, a leading expert in gastroenterology in Germany. The technical revolution demands a reorientation of medical competences! Smartphone video by Sibylle Trost, Berlin

They’re damn serious. Fridays for Future in Berlin

Where, I ask myself, has the sentence actually gone: "Our children are our future"? Just an advertising slogan of the German solidarity principle? As we continue to talk instead of acting, I hardly believe that our children without a future will fill the pension coffers for us so that we can make ourselves really comfortable after all the exhausting consumption. Report by Sibylle Trost, Berlin. #smartphonevideoberlin #sibylletrostmedia
Praxistraining im Smartphone Workshop

3 tricks to increase the sound quality on your smartphone

Any smartphone video needs good sound quality. But how does that work? Is the internal microphone sufficient? Which sources of error can be avoided? What is important? Before shooting a professional social media video with the Android smartphone or iPhone, there is a check-up: How noisy is the environment?
Mit Smartphone und Laptop Filme machen

Wow-shot or white balance? 7 reasons to join a smartphone video workshop

TV studio in your pocket, but no ideo how to use it? Still dreaming about your own social media clips, a product video for your site or just a creative business-portrait? Professionals want to teach you all you need to know in one day. 7 reasons to join a smartphone video workshop.

Smartphone Video Class and Coaching Berlin

Create professional videos for website and social media with your smartphone: it works! In 2019 we will be offering courses again, but also one-to-one and two-to-one coaching. The experienced media lecturer and TV journalist Sibylle Trost works with various apps for iPhone and Android Phone. With theory input and lots of practical training for success: your own video - for website and social media.

Climate Warriors – Documentary

If the generation of greed does not care about the protection of the planet, the young generation to whom the future belongs must do so. The documentary "Climate Warriors" by Carl-A. Fechner brings together a strong movement of climate warriors - worldwide - and this exactly makes it so encouraging. We are raffling tickets for the Berlin screenings December, 6th to 12th at Babylon Cinema Berlin. Send your message in the contact form on page.

90 minutes Media Talk: Visual Storytelling

90 minutes to sharpen your storytelling skills. What are important elements if you want to tell a story in a 60 seconds video? German journalist and filmmaker Sibylle Trost will give insights into visual storytelling world of documentaries on TV and social media. After the introduction and lecture from Sibylle Trost, Phuong Hoang - a photographer and climate leader - will share her knowledge of the latest Climate Leadership Summit in Los Angeles.There is also a screening of Sibylles´ report "Return of the Biospherians", featuring 8 scientists living in Biosphere 2.

8 topics, 6 locations, more than 1000 international students in Berlin

8 topics, 6 locations. As part of the #EFSummits programme 2018, the team of Insights Media Tours organised and designed hands-on workshops with many partners on the topics: Produce videos, create 3D scans and 3D printing, understand the basics of game design, experience the technical application of a manufactory, discover the challenges of digitalization in a fast growing IoT (Internet of Things) start-up. Cards and contacts were exchanged in a lively international atmosphere. That´s #Berlin!