Wow-shot or white balance? 7 reasons to join a smartphone video workshop

Video technology in your pocket, but lack of know-how?

Cheeky clips for your social media presence, a product video for your website or a literally moving business portrait are no witchcraft. It’s easier than you think.

7 reasons why you should attend a video workshop:

1. There’s untapped potential in your pocket
Oh, you have no desire to pay an agency 3,000 euros for a perhaps only mediocre video clip? Then learn to shoot with your smartphone. You already have the technology in your pocket anyway. Professionals will show you how even beginners can use it to get started with web video.

2. Moving image does not need a text desert
You’re still hitting your website with text deserts and posting stupid sayings on Facebook? The impact is so lala? Then it’s time to take an interest in videos and produce them without much effort. In any case, the use of video on the Internet is rising and rising and rising. Join in!

3. The technical equipment is manageable
Are you afraid of too much technology and cable clutter? Don’t worry, your smartphone can do more than you think. Smart apps do a lot of the work for you. Experts explain how it works and how few additional gadgets you really need.

4. The magic word is button with a twist
What to do about shake? What is wrong with the colour? And how does pictorial harmony work? If you know the basics of shooting and image settings, you will quickly achieve results worth seeing. Lecturers teach the tools of the trade, and then you know why you have to tell the camera what’s white.

5. Videos are suitable for almost any content
A product video for marketing, a quick clip for Facebook or poetic impressions for the travel vlog? Can’t, doesn’t exist. There’s hardly a topic that can’t be implemented vividly. Let a workshop inspire you to literally get your content up and running, appeal to the target group’s senses or come across authentically as a person.

6. Storytelling in 90 seconds
You have a tendency to talk? You will not be used to that. Learn how to get to the heart of your story with the five-shot rule and how to captivate your audience with cuts. Experiment under professional guidance so that the first picture sequence becomes a bang and the end gets a wow-shot as the icing on the cake.

7. Learning, practicing, doing
Technical tricks are one thing; you learn that in the workshop. Creative ideas are the other thing; they bubble up when you exchange ideas and try them out together. Dialogue in learning is still the best source of inspiration. At the end of the workshop your first own video is ready. You will be proud of it. Promised.