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Exciting media tours which take you behind the screens: explore TV-studios, drama settings, reveal Fake News. Insights Media Tours offers different perspectives and takes you inside the world of media. Travel with TV-professionals, learn with the media makers. Enjoy moving tours, workshops, events.

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Media + NEWS

(Duration: 3 hours)

Meeting point: Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin. Explore Berlin´s historic newspaper publishing district in a 3 hours walking tour covering the Axel Springer publishing house, the Museum of Communication and the public broadcasters ZDF and ARD. The tour ends at an extraordinary media pub at Friedrichstrasse train station.


Media + EVENT

(Duration: 4 hours)

We will be visiting a media event, such as a live show in a broadcasting studio or music hall. After the show, you´ll have the chance to meet professionals from the editing or production teams and/ or the TV hosts. You´ll learn lots about what goes on behind the scenes and how news and media programs are produced.


Media + DDR

(Duration: half day/ full day)

On this tour, you´ll learn about the media system in the DDR, the German Democratic Republic, where journalists had no freedom of the press. The tour includes visits to the former East German broadcasting studios and sound studios in Berlin. Transport is via public bus. This tour is available as a 4 hour or 8 hour program.

* Insights Media Tours are individually designed to suit your needs, group size and availability. We offer tours in different languages: German, French, English. With our creative network partners we propose a special 1-day to 3-day Insights Media Tour including hotel accommodation. Every event can be combined with professional film and media workshops.

Please contact us for further information and a price quote.

Latest News

  • Shooting and editing videos is no witchcraft!

    The smaller the screen, the smaller the technology. In plain language, this means that when a video is published on the Internet in a blog or portal, it does not have to be shot with a heavy professional camera and edited in the studio. The technology of the miracle weapon Smartphone is completely sufficient. Professional television journalists explain everything step by step with little theory and lots of practical exercises.

  • Having a chat with….Heidi Hetzer

    "To take a trip around the world, you either have to be really young or really old. In between there's no time - its all about family and career!" I'm talking to Heidi Hetzer at Hotel Moa in Berlin where she is planning her 80th birthday. The rally car driver and businesswoman has been back in Germany for 2 months. While she is back in the familiar surroundings of her home country, Heidi Hetzer doesn't feel so comfortable. A moving video-interview with Sibylle Trost, Berlin, May 2017.

  • Finally a TV studio in my pocket I Testimonial

    Workshop participant Olaf Schwarz, Part 1 – The Entrepreneur Academy: “My aim is to create an e-learning course which is a mixture of texts, presentations and videos. But I had no idea how to create the videos, or what equipment to use. So the ‘TV in your pocket‘ workshop came at exactly the right time for me: professionals who wanted to teach me all I needed to know in one day!

  • Wow-shot or white balance? 7 reasons to join a smartphone video workshop

    TV studio in your pocket, but no ideo how to use it? Still dreaming about your own social media clips, a product video for your site or just a creative business-portrait? Professionals want to teach you all you need to know in one day. 7 reasons to join a smartphone video workshop.

Tours + Events*

(*Events will only take place if a sufficient number of participants registers)

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Tour Experts + Guides

  • Sibylle Trost
    CEO Insights Media Tours

    Sibylle Trost is a journalist and freelance documentary filmmaker for the German public broadcasters ZDF and ARD. In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall she joined the team of the East German radio station as a journalist from the West.

    Sibylle Trost set up Insights Media Tours in May 2014. She was motivated by a desire to share her insider knowledge and provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the media world.

  • Jochen Klug

    Jochen Klug is a TV professional and video journalist. For him, the TV revolution began in the early 2000s; small, inexpensive, easy-to-use, camcorders delivered an image quality which was previously only possible with a huge professional camera. As a video journalist, he understands the potential of mobile journalism. Bloggers, NGOs or small businesses can publish their content on social platforms quickly and cheaply. Jochen is a passionate trainer at the ‘TV in your pocket’ workshop.

  • Holger Seidel

    Holger Seidel is a cameraman and documentary filmmaker with a passion for investigative projects which allow him the time and space to engage with the protagonists and their stories. He also has extensive experience in stereo 3D production and has worked in TV production for many years. He has plenty of stories to tell on our studio tours.

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You will get an exclusive view behind Berlin’s media landscape. Please feel free to contact us for further questions and book your ticket right here online.*

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