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Exciting media tours which take you behind the screens: explore TV-studios, drama settings, reveal Fake News. Insights Media Tours offers different perspectives and takes you inside the world of media. Travel with TV-professionals, learn with the media makers. Enjoy moving tours, workshops, events.



Media + NEWS

(Duration: 2 hours)

Meeting point: Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin. Explore Berlin´s historic newspaper publishing district in a walking tour covering the Axel Springer publishing house, the Museum of Communication and the public broadcasters ZDF and ARD. The tour ends at an extraordinary media pub at Friedrichstrasse.

Fee per person: 35 Euro

Entrance fees for all visited locations are included.


Media + EVENT

(Duration: 3 hours)

We will be visiting a media event, such as a live show in a broadcasting studio or music hall. After the show, you´ll have the chance to meet professionals from the editing or production teams and/ or the TV hosts. You´ll learn lots about what goes on behind the scenes and how news and media programs are produced.

Fee per person: 45 Euro

Entrance fees for all visited locations are included.


Media + DDR

(Duration: 4 hours)

On this tour, you´ll learn about the media system in the DDR, the German Democratic Republic, where journalists had no freedom of the press. The tour includes visits to the former East German broadcasting studios and sound studios in Berlin. Transport is via public bus. This tour is available as 4 hour program.

Fee per person: 55 Euro

Entrance fees for all visited locations are included.

Tours/ Workshops + Events*

(*Events will only take place if a sufficient number of participants registers)

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fri15may10:0012:00Media + News BerlinDiscover Berlin´s media landscape10:00 - 12:00 PST


Booking + Contact

You will get an exclusive view behind Berlin’s media landscape. Please feel free to contact us for further questions and book your ticket right here online.*

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Media Experts + Guides

  • Sibylle Trost
    CEO Insights Media Tours

    Sibylle Trost is a Berlin based journalist and documentary filmmaker. For the renowned ZDF TV format 37 Grad she realised 24 outstanding films as author and director, and numerous TV reports and magazine articles. When the Wall fell in 1989, she was one of the first West journalists to make her way to stories from eastern Germany. Sibylle Trost founded Insights Media Tours in May 2015 with the aim of sharing insider media knowledge with others and supporting them on their way to becoming mature media users. The days when the means of production video and film were part of the knowledge of power are over. Media tours, workshops and events provide insights behind the scenes of the media landscape in Berlin.

  • Phuong Hoang
    Photographer, Journalist

    Phuong Hoang is a Vietnamese journalist, photographer and community activist, based in Berlin, Germany. She was born in Hanoi, a city that is more than a millennium old and the diverse centre of culture, politics and ecosystem in South East Asia. Hoang originally studied International Relations to become a diplomat but her life turned towards photojournalism and environmental activities.

  • Holger Seidel

    Holger Seidel is a cameraman and documentary filmmaker with a passion for investigative projects which allow him the time and space to engage with the protagonists and their stories. He also has extensive experience in stereo 3D production and has worked in TV production for many years. He has plenty of stories to tell on our studio tours.

  • Franziska Berg
    Actress, Musician

    Franziska Berg is an actress, musician and music therapist. She tours Berlin as a singer with her own band. Franziska works for various NGOs, especially in the field of refugee aid. Besides her work in the therapeutic setting, she is active in the social field. Her passion is dancing, especially she likes the traditional Hawaiian Hula.

  • Mia Eger
    Tour Guide

    Mia Eger is a freelance translator and English teacher with extensive experience in the culture and media sectors. Originally from London​, Mia has lived in Berlin for many years.

    ​She accompanies our English language Media Tours and offers an international perspective on the ​capital city.

Latest News

  • 21.02.2020 Tour + Reading: Robert Pimm in Berlin

    British thriller about a terrorist attack on the Reichstag. Cult reading on the 8th floor with a view of the Reichstag illuminated at night. Robert Pimm asks the question: What if....... terrorists would attack the most important building in Germany? Hot stuff. Registration for reading and tour required.

  • How much digitization can medicine tolerate?

    Big data, mobile health, artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the medicine of the future ever faster. Will people set limits to digitalization? "The enormous digitization in medicine must not become an end in itself," warns Professor Guido Gerken, a leading expert in gastroenterology in Germany. The technical revolution demands a reorientation of medical competences! Smartphone video by Sibylle Trost, Berlin

  • They’re damn serious. Fridays for Future in Berlin

    Where, I ask myself, has the sentence actually gone: "Our children are our future"? Just an advertising slogan of the German solidarity principle? As we continue to talk instead of acting, I hardly believe that our children without a future will fill the pension coffers for us so that we can make ourselves really comfortable after all the exhausting consumption. Report by Sibylle Trost, Berlin. #smartphonevideoberlin #sibylletrostmedia

  • Praxistraining im Smartphone Workshop

    3 tricks to increase the sound quality on your smartphone

    Any smartphone video needs good sound quality. But how does that work? Is the internal microphone sufficient? Which sources of error can be avoided? What is important? Before shooting a professional social media video with the Android smartphone or iPhone, there is a check-up: How noisy is the environment?