Shooting and editing videos is no witchcraft!

The smaller the screen, the smaller the technology. In plain language, this means that when a video is published on the Internet in a blog or portal, it does not have to be shot with a heavy professional camera and edited in the studio. The technology of the miracle weapon Smartphone is completely sufficient. Apple products lead the way in image quality and handling. The workflow, which is technical jargon for the connection between camera and editing system, also runs more smoothly. This doesn’t mean that the “technology frenzy” of throwing all the devices out of the window is missing. But: the times of knowledge of power are over. Today, nobody needs to book a camera team anymore to produce a short interview or a quick blog post. Help yourself! Our workshop is the right place for anyone who works in the smartphone filming of videos and cuts them. Professional television journalists explain everything step by step with little theory and lots of practical exercises.

What is there to learn in the editing technique? A few keywords: dynamics, speed, perspective, narrative attitude, suspense. All this can be tried out in assembly techniques: Parallel mounting, action cut and more.

Those who would like to extend their knowledge in the production of smartphone videos are in good hands with the lecturers. The pros make all training steps manageable. In a small group of 6 to 8 participants, each participant uses their Apple smartphone and their own computer running the iMovie editing program. In the course each participant cuts a video and applies different editing techniques. After two days, participants will reach security in the development of video storytelling.

The workshop takes place from 6 participants upwards.

Course times: Appointments by arrangement.

Where: WeiberWirtschaft eG, Tagungsraum Berlin-Mitte, Anklamer Str. 38, 10115 Berlin

Cost: 380 Euro inkl. 19% MwSt. pro Person

Info: – tel: 0172 – 3999100