Climate Warriors – Documentary

If the generation of greed does not care about the protection of the planet, the young generation to whom the future belongs must do so. The documentary film Climate Warriors by Carl-A. Fechner shows precisely how changes on a small scale have great effects on the wealth of the planet. The film brings together a strong movement of climate warriors – worldwide – and this exactly makes it so encouraging.- Sibylle Trost

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CLIMATE WARRIORS – The battle for the future of our planet

Documentary by Carl-A. Fechner, Germany 2018

100 percent renewable energy – this has long been technically possible. But the global energy revolution is coming to a halt, because it is drying up the money flows from coal, gas and oil. How can we defy the greed of the energy companies and look to the future of the planet? A global change can only come about through movement from below! The documentary film “Climate Warriors” shows stories of climate warriors, including such diverse personalities as the young hip-hop artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Youtuberin Joylette-Portlock and Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are all fighting for the same goal: a clean, fair and safe world through renewable energies.